Sydney Harbour bridge access

Alimak has signed its largest contract ever,, for a vertical access maintenance solution for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The contract with the government of New South Wales, is worth more than $26 million and was signed with Alimak subsidiary Manntech, which was acquired with Australia ’s Facade Access Group, this time last year See Alimak acquires Façade Access.

The bespoke system will be based in Manntech’s standard Building Maintenance Units/cradles and covers the design, manufacturing, installation and service of two large motorised gantries spanning the bridge which will support the suspended cradles/BMU, in order to provide full access for maintenance work on the bridge. The equipment will be supplied and installed progressively, with completion due by the end of 2020.
Sydney Harbour Bridge

Chief executive Tormod Gunleiksrud said: “We are very pleased to be working on such an icon as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and to see the interest in, and recognition of, the group's leading building maintenance solutions which are custom designed to support reliable, safe and efficient access to complex structures. With our deep knowledge and experience as global market leader in Building Maintenance Units, we could meet the high performance criteria required by the customer.”


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