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France Elévateur and CharterLift part company

The German division of France Elévateur will end its agreement with local dealer CharterLift & More at the end of the year.

CharterLift has handled both sales and service in Bavaria, parts of Baden-Württemberg, Saarland and Hessen. France Elévateur Deutschland will divide the the sales and service work with long time partner Lift2Go, which has recently moved to Nellingen in southern Germany. Meanwhile CharterLift has recently been selling truck mounted platforms from French manufacturer Klubb, a direct competitor to France Elévateur - See Klubb appoints CharterLift in Germany.

Since the summer, France Elévateur Deutschland has also been the German /Austrian distributor for Italian truck mounted and spider lift manufacturer CTE - See CTE and France Elévateur team up in Germany.

France Elévateur Deutschland managing director Thomas Rammelt said: "The contract expires at the end of the year anyway. We are still working on the rest of the programme and it will end on 31st December."
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(L-R) Thomas Rammelt from France Elévateur Deutschland, Harald Kuhnle and Armin Ruhland of Lift2Go at Platformers' Days 2014