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Big AT overturn in Orlando

A five axle All Terrain crane overturned in Orlando, Florida in the early hours of yesterday morning closing of the ramp to Interstate 4. at the junction with State Road 408 in central Orlando, and taking out a power line.
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The upturned crane

We understand that the crane - which looks like a Grove 250 tonne GMK 5250 owned by main contractor/consortium SGL Constructors - was reversing down a ramp to get into place to lift beams for a new overpass. The main boom was elevated over the rear of the chassis, with the top or fly section telescoped. The operator had partially extended the outrigger beams to act as stabilisers. However he must have strayed too close to the edge of the ramp and the crane went over edge, falling onto the road ramp below.
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This short clearly shows how the crane came off the ramp from which it was going to work

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The crane boom came down onto a road ramp below

Thankfully no one was seriously injured. The operator was pulled from his cab and taken to hospital suffering from shock.

The main contractor for the I-4 Ultimate project, SGL Constructors, said that the extended boom sections would be cut away to free up the lower ramp so that it could open for traffic. It also said that the crane would remain in place while the company worked out a safe recovery plan.

The massive road project is due for completion by 2022.
We will update if and when we learn more.
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The operator was suffering form mild shock