CPA publishes plating and testing details

Next month the UK exemption for the plating and inspection of larger truck mounted lifts and cranes on commercial chassis comes to an end.

In order to help crane and lift owners the CPA has published a Technical Information Note highlighting the government’s transition plan for the change in the rules. The change means that cranes or large platforms mounted on standard HGV type chassis will need to be subject to an official safety and roadworthiness inspection and a plate fitted, the first time the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) comes due after May 19th . Until the renewal date arrives, all such vehicles must carry proof that the machine has received a safety inspection’ - as opposed to general maintenance inspection – by a competent/qualified person, and must also be fully roadworthy.

The test certificate must be available for inspection by enforcement authorities if required. When the VED becomes due, the vehicle must be plated and subjected to a formal road worthiness (MOT) inspection. A special plate application form can be downloaded.

All Terrain and Rough Terrain or other cranes and platforms on custom chassis - are exempt – a custom chassis is recognised by such things as the driver’s cab being single width, or low level, so that the crane boom can pass alongside or over the top of the cab for road travel and or have special tyres – large diameter super singles.
Here is the TIN
The CPA Technical Information Note

Donload the TIN from www.cpa.uk.net/crane-interest-group-publications-guidance


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