Crane overturn

A large All Terrain crane overturned in the UK yesterday at a new energy from waste installation in Kent.

We understand that the crane -a Liebherr from the Ainscough fleet had - developed an issue with the cable reel for the extension over the weekend and was left in place overnight with the boom raised and bi-fold extension in place. As the crane was set up alongside a walkway, the outriggers on one side were short rigged in the fully retracted position. Due to the size of the counterweight the correct boom and slew position were selected for maximum stability overnight.
The unit was short rigged on one side when the operator slewed the counterweight over the retracted outriggers, with raised boom

We understand that the operator and mechanics arrived on site yesterday morning to sort out the problem. However… it seems that the operator raised the boom and then slewed the crane, taking the large counterweight out over the retracted outriggers causing it to tip over backwards – indicating that the overload system was probably not set up for the short rigged configuration?

The boom and extension came to rest on some newly installed tanks, thankfully no one was hurt in the incident and it looks as though damage might also be relatively modest? It could have been much nastier if anyone had been walking past the crane at the time.
The boom and extension came to rest on new tanks

This looks like a typical operator error, one that we have reported on numerous times over the years, and usually occurs during setting up or stowing the crane, when the operator forgets the short rigged outriggers behind him, raises the boom and then slews the counterweight out over the retracted outriggers.


The photos seem to show ample room to extend ALL outriggers. What appears to be a mat in place is also in the photo. And the crane is barricaded off. I don't understand why the outriggers were not put out, particularly with the boom and erected jib left in the air overnight.

Even with the walkway there, foot traffic should have been rerouted.

Sep 11, 2018

No comment.

Sep 11, 2018

Nothing to heavy
This was clearly an American operator Tris??

Sep 11, 2018

I was unfortunate enough to witness a crane overturn in Widnes about 11 years ago, the crane belonged a well established and decent company that is no longer with us. Mistakes were made on the day which caused the accident. Fortunately nobody was hurt as in this case.
All I can say is once the weight of the ballast takes over the slew motor there is nothing you can do to stop the crane from slewing until the ballast hits something solid, which in this case was the ground. In the case of the crane I witnessed overturn it was some steel work.
Also as a crane operator myself the noise that came from the slew motor that day will stay with me for life.

Sep 11, 2018

How long before we hear from Tristan Mayes on this one?

Sep 11, 2018
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