LGMG opens European operation

Chinese aerial lift manufacturer Lingong Group Jinan Heavy Machinery (LGMG) opened its new European headquarters and distribution centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on Friday.

Around 60 guests from all over the world attended the opening, including partners such as PB - which now badges small LGMG scissor lifts for its Eco range, which were previously supplied by Dingli, Sandvik which works with the company on mining equipment and prospective distributors. The opening ceremony began with a tour of the new facility, followed by speeches from LGMG managers and partners. The company will operate in Europe as LGMG Europe, and sell through a combination of direct sales staff, local dealers and badged OEM sales.
LGMG's new European distribution hub

Established in 1972, as a general construction equipment manufacturer LGMG only began manufacturing aerial work platforms in 2015. Its product line currently includes scissor lifts ranging from 12 to 46ft, and boom lifts from 39 to 78ft. The company will initially focus on the sale of its scissor lifts in Europe, but aims to start bringing its boom lifts - which are currently only sold in China - into the European market next year.

Export manager Ares Song said: “We are very happy with our new location. The transport links are excellent, and the support from local partners has also been very helpful. Our aim is to have our European and Chinese teams working closely together to reach our goals, and then we will look at other markets.”

Here are a few more pictures from the opening ceremony.
Kevin Liu (L) and Ares Song of LGMG

Some of the new LGMG scissor lifts on display in the yard

The warehouse is already well stocked with LGMG scissor lifts

The facility will stock parts as well as machines

The company is ready to support the products with replacement parts

The facility includes training rooms for both internal and external staff

Table tennis is on hand for breaks of course

Around 60 guests attended the opening

LGMG Europe director Kevin Liu

Wilbert Lek of investment agency Rotterdam Partners, which helped set up the new operation

Fredrik Westin of engineering group Sandvik, which works with LGMG

Arne Dirckinck-Holmfeld of PB Lifttechnik, which badges some smaller LGMG scissor lifts

Costiaan Brouwer of Dutch sales dealer Hocap

LGMG export manager Ares Song


The Japanese checked equipment in the past overhere and entered the market with better products and certainly not cheaper. When the Chinese copy equipment; no problem, I,m just afraid if they use the right material spec,s and( what I noticed before) they intended to make the steel parts just a little bit thinner in some areas. Especial those which are difficult to check. If they cheat at home on nutricion for babies, what are they doing with machinery ?

Oct 2, 2018

Dog eat Dog
What we need is more and more, cheaper and cheaper machines, it?s obvious.

Oct 1, 2018

TC, up to a certain extend you are right. However, also the opposite is true. We both know that there are US, Italian and UK companies that did not, or hardly, engineer scissors themselves but using a Chinese one under their own brand. So, it?s a business trend from both sides

Oct 1, 2018

Newsman I agree with most of that, and the Americans are certainly trailing behind the Europeans when it comes to design.

My issue is with the Chinese companies who simply profiteer (from those who spend millions on R&D) by using their supply of cheap labour and do not offer anything new to the industry. Copying should earn no reward!

When some original cutting-edge equipment starts flowing out of China then I will appreciate what they are capable of as I do with all those who to strive to produce pioneering products regardless of their nationality.

Surely there must be some talented designers amongst their 1.4 billion population!!

Oct 1, 2018

TC, why so cynical? It?s almost 2019 and the mewp industry is undergoing a quality revolution. Let me bring 2 things forward. 1. 30 years ago the Japanese were shooting photos on every exhibition. At the end they produced the best quality machines with great durability and superb return of investment. 2. Remember the words from Napoleon when he said: "China is a sleeping giant, watch them if they wake up" . Well I can tell you that they are WIDE awake. Sinoboom and LGMG are going to prove that. And.......suppose, suppose that there is "blue and grey underneath that JLG colours" (which is not the case) then that would be the prove that the blue and grey are choosing eggs for money simply because it are the Americans walking behind the facts of modern technology. Whether you like it or not, the Chinese are there, and they are there to stay.
Have you ever thought about what would happen if China retracts all its investment from the US?? Then US would be totally bankrupt including narcist Donald Trump. So get used to it or produce something better yourself I would suggest.

Oct 1, 2018

Another company from a particular continent producing scissor lifts that reek of imagination and creativity... I wonder if they are blue and grey underneath that JLG paint!

Luckily there are still a few of us who have no interest in supporting the stream of blatant copies being shipped into Europe and instead prefer to invest in innovative and game-changing machines, and support the companies who design and develop said products.

Oct 1, 2018
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