Road rail booms for Riyadh Metro

Five 41ft Platform Basket RR14 EVO 2 articulated rail mounted booms have been delivered to FCC for work on construction of the new Riyadh Metro project in Saudi Arabia.
The Platform Basket RR14 Evo are equally at home on road or rails

The RR14 Evo 2 offer 9.3 metres of outreach, a working height of 14.4 metres, and a maximum platform capacity of 400kg. Able to work on wheels or track the booms feature automatic self levelling of the superstructure, to allow them to work on banked and inclined tracks and ground conditions.
The five units are carrying out a a lot of the overhead work

The platforms are being used by the FCC led FAST construction consortium on a wide variety of work, including the installation of overhead power tracks. The new metro is expected to be fully operational by 2021.


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