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City Lifting buys Vanson fleet

City Lifting the Purfleet, Essex based crane company has purchased most of the tower crane rental fleet operated by Vanson cranes. It is understood that the deal includes just over 20 cranes.
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Vanson has sold its rental fleet and will concentrate on tower crane sales

Vanson started out as a tower crane rental company in 1981 and then later on began to sell used cranes. It took on the Raimondi tower crane product line as early as 1982 and marketed the product in the UK under the Raivan name.

Since then sales have gradually played an increasingly important role. It is still the Raimondi distributor for the UK and also handles Vicario self erecting tower cranes.

This latest move completes the company’s gradual transition from a rental business to a pure sales company.
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City Liting operates the largest Spierings fleet in the UK

City Lifting also started out in 1981 and operates the largest fleet of Spiering mobile self erecting tower cranes, along with 60 top slewers and 24 self erectors.
The Vanson cranes take its tower crane fleet up to just over 120 units. The company also operates a small fleet of mobile telescopic cranes and a few mini cranes which it unusually rents out with operator.


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