New 5,000 tonner

Sarens is launching its latest heavy lift crane, the 5,000 tonne SGC-250 at its site near Gent, Belgium today

SGC-250 has a 250,000 tonne/metre load moment and a maximum capacity of 5,000 tonnes. Maximum main boom is 160 metres which can be topped with the maximum jib of 99.5 metres, for a 250 metre maximum hook height. The crane is on test at the moment, and once completed will head to the UK for its first lifts at the new Hinkley Point nuclear power station. Unlike previous models the SGC can also travel in a straight line allowing it to quickly relocate while fully rigged. Around 400 invited guests are attending the launch, including a team from Vertikal of course.
Around 400 guests attended the launch - there is room for most of them on the crane itself

Sarens new heavy lifter, the 5,000 tonne SGC-250 dominates the skyline in Gent

We will provide more detail and coverage on the new crane next week and in the next issue of Cranes & Access magazine, which includes a heavy Lift feature.
The cranes 3,200 tonne hook block

The SGC-250 is an upgrade rather than a new concept and sits on a large dual ring/track, with locally filled container counterweight modules which are used to ship the crane components to site


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