Liebherr fibre rope

Liebherr has collaborated with Austrian rope manufacturer Teufelberger to develop a high tensile fibre rope.

During development, over 100 fibre rope prototypes measuring around 70,000 metres were produced. The prototypes went through extensive testing on test benches and in field tests conducted in five different countries. The tests confirmed that the fibre rope, which weighs around a fifth of a conventional steel rope, lasts four times as long and is significantly easier to handle.
The new fibre rope from Liebherr

The rope was also tested in a climate chamber, where it was subjected to a range of weather conditions, including temperatures of up to 80 degrees and as low as minus five. It also added sand or dust to the air to simulate site conditions in the desert, and then generated monsoon levels of rainfall.

Liebherr says one of the benefits of fibre rope is that it can be fitted by hand and without any auxiliary reeving winches and the operator can easily and safely identify when the rope requires changing. The fibre rope will be shown at Bauma next year on a new tower crane range that the company plans to launch.


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