A partial scaffold

Spotted on a busy street in Bangkok, Thailand, a man working at height with a couple of scaffold frames and braces.

Sent in by a reader who was passing by at the time, the man is caulking the sign area above a shop front and has managed to climb up onto the frames, and then straddle them to reach the work. No platforms, only partial bracing, no guardrail and no need to mention toeboards.
A scaffold in name only

While he is not very high, it is a fact that more life changing falls occur at heights of around two metres, than above 50 metres. Not the worst example perhaps, but still makes it into our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


oh my goodness I hope this guy knows about and has access to Vertikal.net to see the danger waiting on him to move the wrong direction.

9 Dec 2018
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