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IPAF to certify United Rentals courses

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has concluded an agreement with US based United Rentals, which will allow it to provide IPAF certified aerial work platform training through its United Academy.

The aerial lift programme at the United Academy includes eLearning coursework and practical testing at United Rentals’ locations. Senior training managers from United worked with IPAF to align the company’s training content with the internationally accepted IPAF operator courses.

As part of the accreditation process, IPAF audited several of United Rentals’ more than 500 North American locations where hands on trainee testing takes place. As a result United Rentals has been approved to display the IPAF Certified Training logo within its work platform training descriptions and materials.

Candidates successfully completing IPAF certified training through the United Academy will be issued a special United Rentals Card, which will certify them as having passed a course that is very closely aligned with IPAF’s training courses.

IPAF chief executive Tim Whiteman said: “United Rentals has a long history of taking the lead with safety and supporting IPAF in our efforts. It is extremely encouraging that the largest powered access rental company in the world has underpinned the quality of its training by partnering with IPAF in this way.
“We hope other IPAF member companies will explore similar partnerships to further emphasise the importance of quality training and IPAF’s global mission to promote the safe and effective use of powered access to conduct temporary work at height.”

Ebbe Christensen of ReachMaster and chairman of IPAF’s North American Regional Council, added: “This visionary agreement will mark the beginning of a new era for IPAF in North America and no doubt spearhead an expansion of IPAF activities here. It will bring significant awareness of the IPAF mission to a market that employs 40 percent of the world’s aerial work platforms, underlining the need for approved training programmes, and this agreement is a great step forward.”
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In my very strong opinion ALL certifications issued to AWP operators and mechanics should be issued under the auspices of independent organizations.
I have inside information that some rental companies "pencil-whip" OSHA's certification to appease renters.
In my opinion when certification is performed in-house, it's akin to putting the fox is in the henhouse.
Imagine if auto dealerships issued driving licenses. I can hear it already. Sorry, you didn't pass the test so we will pass on this $45,000.00 sale. Right!
Its imperative that there is always a clear line between profit and safety.
I can't wait to see what the AWP industry does about certifying technicians. I will be watching very closely.


Jan 16, 2019

I am struggling to see why people are being negative about this development. Yes it is true that IPAF have struggled to influence the US market for many years from a training perspective. But now this new agreement aligns IPAF with the Worlds largest rental company, surely this is a good thing?

IPAF's sole purpose is to promote the safe use of MEWPS worldwide, whether it be through it's own training program or other 3rd party training programs is really irrelevant. The bottom line here is to promote more good quality training in the US, something we all know is desperately needed.

I say well done to United & the IPAF team who made this happen, it will only go to reducing accidents caused by poorly trained or untrained operatives.

Peter Douglas
Ex IPAF Board member

Dec 21, 2018

Craig Ihde
Bottom Line: "ASK" - for Certification Credentials BEFORE paying for anything within the US based AWP industry... One can NOT Certify anything if they themselves have NOT been Certified. Maybe that's why there are NO PAL Cards distributed OR in-force within the US ... hmmmm

Dec 20, 2018

Craig Ihde
FACT: One can NOT Certify if they themselves have NOT been Certified. My recommendation: ASK for Certification Credentials BEFORE paying for anything within the US based AWP industry. REMEMBER: There is NO "across the board" AWP Certification anywhere in the US and 2/3rds of the US based industry is defunct with NO knowledge base.

I ask then, how is IPAF Certifying anything here in the US?

Dec 19, 2018

Craig Ihde
My questions are simple: WHO ... (in the US) Certified the Trainer? WHERE ... (in the US) was this Certification given? WHAT ... (US based AWP mfg companies) Certified IPAF to do anything in the US? HOW ... (in the US) with 2/3rds of the US based AWP mfg industry being defunct ... has this accomplished with NO "across the board" Accredited AWP Training facility anywhere in the contiguous US?

Using this thinking ( and since we hold the Largest Listing US based AWP database in the world ) - we personally DECLARE Aerial Specialists CERTIFIED to do anything within the US .... end of story!

Dec 19, 2018

In my opinion this is an absolute destructive way to
explore 'exclusive' IPAF training. It's nothing more then just accrediting the United Rentals in house training program covered by an IPAF sauce. This is the result of over 10 years hopeless attempts from IPAF to gain ground in the USA were they have lost huge invested amounts, covered by profits made in Europe over the back of local members. The USA rental companies never committed, and will never do so, to take IPAF training as their standard. Many big rental companies in Europe have tried earlier to get accreditation under their own name, however it was refused based on 'either exclusive or nothing' . The fact that this 'deal' is being presented in a press release as a kind of big victory outlines once again that the IPAF management is absolutely over the date and more then ready to be replaced by people with common sense. Board of IPAF directors....please wake up or resign as well!!!

Dec 18, 2018