Another tele crawler overturn

A 70 tonne Sennebogen 673E telescopic crawler crane tipped onto its counterweight yesterday, the third case of a telescopic crawler overturning in this way in the UK in the past two months.
The crane had its boom retracted and elevated with narrow tracks

This particular incident is said to have occurred on a job site alongside Luton Airport where work has just started on updating the rail link. The crane has its tracks fully retracted with the retracted boom fully elevated and over the side with full counterweight in place. In which position it is almost guaranteed to tip rearwards. The soft ground on site may also have contributed to the incident.
In addition to the back heavy configuration the ground appears to be relatively soft

The crane is we understand owned and operated by specialist contractor NJ Doyne.


Billy Boy
Could it be the tracks are tight on the axles and they are trying to get the weight off the axles? Just a thought

Dec 19, 2018

Billy Boy
Why does this keep happening? can't believe things have got this bad in the UK .

Dec 19, 2018

Getting ridicules now ain?t it? We are now on par with the Americans which is never a good place to be, the sad thing is we are going to start seeing more of this in the near future with the calibre of some of the new generation joining our industry. Heard a story last week of a lad on a 160 Liebherr with quite a bit of stick in saying the best position to leave the crane over night was at about 78 degrees facing the wind.

Dec 19, 2018

Specialist contractor ? Specialist in what exactly ?

Dec 19, 2018

Why on earth have the boom at that angle, there is plenty of room around the crane ???????????.

Dec 19, 2018
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