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What's your view on rental rates?

What do you think of rental rate trends this year? We are interested in your comments and observations, no matter where in the world you operate from.

We are also still collecting results for the annual UK and Ireland Cranes & Access Rental Rates survey, which you can find the links to the forms. here.

A few of you, especially at larger companies, have said that you cannot, or will not disclose rental rate data - in spite of our non disclosure guarantees, you can however still have an opportunity to send us any insights, comments or observations that you may have on rental rate trends and developments in 2018.
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How your comments will be published in the Rental Rates feature

It is totally anonymous - no names will be used - unless you specifically ask us to.

If you have any comments that you wish to submit, use the comment facility below - you will need to register if you have not done so in the past - or email your comment to [email protected].


I think that all industries have a similar problem. I would suggest that there will always be a stack em high sell em cheap element, but there are still clients that demand an elavated level of service and will pay for that. It is very much a question of where owners Direct there efforts. Our short industry history is littered with failures of one type, but not the other. Strange that. Have a great 2019 chaps!!!!

Jan 2, 2019

Oh that's a easy answer, the rates in the U.K. are way too low, if you compare our crane hire and operator rates to the rest of Europe we are a laughing stock, there are a few companies out there that you pretty much hire a operator and get a free crane.

Dec 30, 2018