CPA rail crane safety guide

The UK’s Construction Plant-hire Association’s (CPA) Crane Interest Group has launched a new publication entitled Good Practice Guide: Requirements for Mobile Cranes Alongside Railways Controlled by Network Rail.

The 29 page publication has been produced in cooperation with Network Rail, based on the same principles as the previously published guidance on tower cranes working alongside railways, and is free for anyone to download from the CPA website.

The guidance states that mobile cranes and other mobile lifting equipment may present a significant risk to railway operations during activities such as rigging, use, maintenance and derigging and both Network Rail and crane operators have a duty to ensure the safety of the railway. If the crane or its load falls onto the track, it can result in a catastrophic accident, making it essential for best practice to be followed in order to eliminate or reduce risk.

The guidance is aimed at equipment such as All Terrain cranes, loader cranes, crawler cranes, spider cranes and mobile self erecting tower cranes, as well as telehandlers and excavators used for lifting suspended loads.

The Good Practice Guide includes topics such as a hierarchy of risk elimination and reduction, detailed requirements for crane configuration and setting up, and lift planning - all with the emphasis on the additional risks of operating in close proximity to the railway. It also includes sample documents such as a foundation pre-rigging inspection report form.


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