MTC 15 crane for Mammoet terminal

Mammoet has installed one of its MTC 15 heavy duty Terminal cranes at its ‘multi-purpose terminal’ in Westdorpe, near Terneuzen, Netherlands.

The crane launched by Mammoet in 2014 it can lift 600 tonnes at a radius of up to 25 metres. The MTC 15 is a fully containerised crane developed to bring heavy lift capabilities to any port capable of receiving containers in a matter of days. With a load moment matching a 1,200 tonne crawler crane, the crane enables loads to be lifted to and from the quay from non geared cargo vessels in water up to 12.5 metres deep.
The Mammoet MTC 15 Terminal crane

The terminal features 100,000 square metres of storage plus hoisting and handling facilities, along with an inland truck and rail connection.

Mammoet terminal manager Marlon Roels said: “Thanks to the MTC 15’s extremely high capacity and outreach, the Mammoet multi-purpose terminal will be ideal for oil and gas, civil construction and energy industry wishing to transfer heavy components.”
The MTC 15 can lift 600 tonnes at 25 metres


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