Crane operator rescue

A tower crane operator was rescued yesterday by Munich after suffering a heart attack.
The rescue team work to check and stabilise the crane operator

The emergency services climbed the 54 metre crane and were able to stabilise the man, 56, the team’s initial rescue plan had been to use a helicopter with winch to lift him from the crane and bring him down, but extreme weather including heavy snow prevented this. So the rescue team put the man in a rescue bag and rappelled down to the ground with him.
The man is lowered to the ground in blizzard conditions

The man was rushed to hospital where we understand he is in a stable condition.
The ground team work to counter the strong winds


Barry Barnes
Lucky guy it seems. Got to hand it to those Fireman - I was out just holding a ladder for my Roofer yesterday in the wind and cold - and it was freezing. Hope someone in the crane business invites them to one of the Bauma evenings / gives them free entry to the Messe - costs nothing -

12 Mar 2019
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