Welcome to the new Vertikal.net

As you can see Vertikal.net has changed dramatically, with a new look, new multinational host servers and new platform. This is the first major update since 2008 and only the second since we first went live at the start of April in 2001.

With a totally new back end and administration it is almost inevitable that there will be some issues and teething problems, which could also make us a little slower with posting the news. But please bear with us and also report anything odd you see as we go through our steep learning curve.

Some areas might take a little while to make use of while we focus on ensuring that we are up to speed with updating the news etc..

This new version dynamically adjusts to match your screen, whether it’s large screen or a smart phone. It also loads data more quickly and does so gradually as you scroll down through the web page.
If you are a regular user of our massive crane and access database, do not worry: one of the reasons that it has taken so long to transfer from the old to the new – almost 24 hours – is the fact that we have retained our entire database and made sure that it is compatible with the new platform, while not limiting what we can do with the improvements. Some sections have to be updated manually and those will be sorted during the week, so pleas bear with us - it will be worth it.

That’s it for now, but please do let us know what you think, or if you spot any errors or issues please do let us know – you can email any of us and we will get onto it.



29 Apr 2019

Michael Brown
Yes i like it, a lot fresher & visually more appealing.

24 Apr 2019
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