Promotion for Amelia Pearce

The parent company of Snorkel, Ahern Rentals and Xtreme Manufacturing - Ahern Companies has promoted Amelia Pearce to vice president of global marketing.
Pearce is currently global marketing director based at corporate headquarters in Henderson, Nevada. She started out as a marketing services assistant at the North East Business and Innovation Centre in Sunderland, UK and entered the access industry when she joined Snorkel’s previous owner Tanfield in 2007, as a marketing executive.
Amelia Pearce

She was promoted to group marketing manager of Tanfield at the start of 2011 and global marketing manager for its Snorkel business three months later. Don Ahern acquired a 51 percent stake in Snorkel at the end of 2013, which eventually led to her relocating to Ahern headquarters in Las Vegas 12 months later, as she took on the additional responsibilities for the marketing of Ahern’s other manufacturing and rental companies.

In her new position she manages a team of 10 staff and reports directly to Don Ahern, with responsibility for developing global marketing strategies for all of the brands within the Ahern family of companies, which now includes Ahern Rentals, Xtreme Manufacturing, Snorkel, Diamond A Equipment, Xtreme Cubes Corporation, Equipment Parts Plus, AX Transportation, Xtreme Financial Services, as well as all Ahern International distribution locations in Australia, Japan, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Canada, and Spain.

Don Ahern said: "I am extremely pleased to promote Amelia to vice president of global marketing. She has demonstrated remarkable talent and tenacity in delivering world class marketing across our global brands. Her passion, focus and leadership have elevated our marketing to a new level. On behalf of the entire Ahern family of companies, we look forward to continued excellence from Amelia and her team."


Damian Schuler
Great girl - great chief - great staff - great products... congreatulations from Switzerland! DS & Crew

May 6, 2019
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