New Hiab drywall crane

Hiab has launched the K-505 HiPro specialist drywall crane for the US and Canadian markets.

The company says it is the longest, heaviest and strongest Hiab drywall crane to date, with a maximum load moment rating of 41 tonne/metres and the ability to deliver drywall sheets as high as the ninth floor of a building.
Hiab K-505 HiPro

The new crane includes remote controls as standard, along with the LSS (Load Stability System) for vertical movements, VSLplus (Variable Stability Logic Plus) and ASC (Automatic Speed Control) to improve operator safety and productivity. Future proofing includes network connectivity for Hiab Connected Services such as HiConnect.

Director of Hiab’s heavy crane range Marcel Boxem said: “The Hiab K-505 HiPro allows our customers to be more productive than ever as it can install drywalls rapidly in buildings up to nine stories high. The technological advanced features and remote control let even less experienced operators get a smooth and precise response from their cranes. As it is connected, fleet owners have the option of receiving performance data to optimise their vehicle fleet and service alerts based on actual usage.”


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