Truck mount overturn

A 3.5 tonne truck mounted lift overturned in the village of Chantraine near Epinal, south of Nancy in central France yesterday.

The platform was marked by with the decals of roofing company Vosges Toitures and had been working on an old house from the street. Local reports indicate that the operator was thrown out of the platform and suffered a blow to the head, which was causing some pain, however he remained conscious and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

We do not know if the man was wearing a harness or whether he was alone in the platform. As to what caused the overturn is hard to say, it does not look like a ground related issue, which leaves overloading, we were unable to see if the platform was also carrying roofing tiles or not. The emergency services propped the machine up to prevent it moving, while they organised the recovery.

We will update this item if and when we learn more.


Mr. X nailed it for sure. But if the footplate was not attached to the cylinder post at the start of rental, that rig should never have been allowed out of the Plant hire yard. The pic makes it hard to see if the driver side outriggers were in place to stabilize the truck. I think of Nina Day’s outstanding book “Load Safe Road Safe”. She teaches many elements we need to be aware of for loads, weight and balance planning before moving a load and doing a job.

Aug 30, 2019

Mr X
And to add insult to injury, someone has helped themselves to the right rear footplate ;-(

Aug 29, 2019
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