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Appointed person deadline extended

The UK based CPCS card scheme has extended the “Assessed Route of Entry” for experienced Appointed Persons following lobbying from the crane industry.

The extension means that anyone with suitable experience of carrying out the duties of an appointed person now has another six months, in which they can obtain a blue ‘competent’ appointed persons card without having to undertake a full training course.

After 1 July 2007 though a full training course must be undertaken and will result in the issue of a red card which simply says that the person has been trained.

Experienced candidates or those holding a red card must meet the criteria of the entry rules and achieve the test standard before they can apply for a blue card. The candidate may also add Crane Supervisor to the blue CPCS card - providing they meet the criteria of experience and employer endorsement, and hold a CPCS card endorsed as a slinger/signaller.

There will be no extension for experienced candidates to apply for the crane supervisor category – the deadline of which expired on 1 October 2006. Candidates wishing to apply for this card must now attend a training course which will result in the issue of a red card only.

Trevor Gamble, Chairman of CPCS stated:
“After careful consultation with both industry, the CPCS Management Committee has decided to extend the Appointed Person category to allow candidates to directly access the blue card. The extension will allow candidates enough time to take any refresher training they need and pass the test. It was not deemed necessary to extend the deadline of Crane Supervisor category because of changes to the training programme. CPCS would now urge candidates to make the most of this time and gain the blue card to prove full competence.”