Tree trimming overturn

An over centre aerial device/bucket truck overturned on the Texas road 105 east of Cleveland which is north of Houston, Texas yesterday throwing the operator out of the platform and landing on the power lines cutting electricity to around 500 local residents.

The truck mount was working alongside an open culvert trimming trees away from the overhead power lines for the Sam Houston Electric Cooperative. It stabilisers barely reached the ground, leaving the machine unstable when working over the side, particularly at maximum outreach. The operator was taken to hospital but appears to have had a relatively soft landing.
The platform was working alongside a ditch

A heavy two truck/wrecker was brought in to pull the platform out of the ditch and upright.
The police on the scene said: “The operator of the boom had extended way out and was trimming a tree. The outrigger was down in a ditch and sunk into it. The operator was thrown from the bucket and landed in the dirt. He was injured but does not have life threatening injuries.”
A the bucket truck’s stabilisers barely reach the ground


This worker was doggone lucky...they should have put the truck in the flat field to work the lines on flat ground rather than on a steep ditch slope. If there was a foreman on the crew where was he or she? The mistakes are obvious and inexcusable. Shame shame...OSHA ought to nail this report to the wall back at the co-op office. Ten demerits to the worker who set that truck!

Sep 19, 2019
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