Scaffold tower leveller

Spotted by a reader somewhere in the French Alps a dodgy way of levelling up a mobile scaffold tower.
The tower set up outside a travel agency in France

As can be seen from the photos, whoever erected the tower on the front steps to a travel agent’s shop, has used a great deal of ingenuity to raise one end of the tower by almost a metre. He has used a very shaky looking tubular steel trestle combined with an old wood ladder clamped to the trestle on one side and supported on its other end by a brick or a wood block. He has then balanced the tower spreader base frame on the ladder. In order to provide additional stability the outriggers/stabilisers have been set.
Levelled with a rough looking trestle, wood ladder and clamp

A closer look at that ladder set up

The proper platform is set up at a height of just over three metres above the trestle, while planks have been added at the four metre level – as the main platform? Needless to say its not worth getting into guardrails and toeboards.

It looks as though the agency is open which means members of the public are expected to pass by this death trap. Looking for the last minute bookings advertised.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


In France anything called "Artisan" is not subject to the usual rules and regulations. It is seen as an ingenious work of art.

Oct 2, 2019

We must look ahead and wonder 1. what will the consequence(s) will be if and when the C-clamp slips off the steel pipe support? 2. Could the property insurance be null and void or maybe even cancelled for such a risky set up? and 3. Could a scissor lift be set in this location to do the job at much less risk? This case deserves follow up to learn the rest of the story.

Sep 29, 2019
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