Working the plank

Spotted in August in Liverpool harbour, two men repainting the Queen Mary name on Cunard's famous liner from a piece of access equipment that looks as though it would be more at home on an old sailing clipper.
way up on the ship's stern two men working from a suspended plank

What makes it worse is that there was a big JLG boom lift standing alongside unused.

The two men do appear to be using decent gear and do have harnesses with lanyards attached, although how well they will perform in the event of a fall, remains a question. The suspended plank configuration looks like it is pretty sound, but it is obviously not the safest or most efficient work at height platform. Perhaps not the most dangerous thing we have seen, but certainly one for our Death Wish series.
A closer look at the detail of the rigged up platform


Shiver me timbers

4 Oct 2019
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