Konecranes for New Zealand

New Zealand port operator Northport has ordered a Konecranes Gottwald G HMK 6507 Model 6 mobile harbour crane.

The crane has a maximum capacity of 125 tonnes and a maximum radius of 51 metres. It can serve container vessels up to post-Panamax size, and features a motor grab for handling bulk materials. The crane features diesel electric drive and is also equipped to take an external electric power supply. The crane will be delivered in early 2020, where it will help to handle general cargo and bulk materials alongside a Konecranes Gottwald Model 4 mobile harbour crane that has worked at the port since 2015.
The crane will be delivered to Northport on the north coast of New Zealand

Chief executive Jon Moore said: “Since we started handling containers, we have received outstanding support from Konecranes. They have provided a high performance crane that gives us wide flexibility in handling any kind of cargo. Once we had decided to expand our capacity, it was an easy decision to work with Konecranes again.”

Konecranes regional director sales for Asia Pacific Michael Green added: “It’s been a pleasure working with Northport. We admire their long term commitment to providing reliable and efficient cargo handling. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future.”


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