Calling all UK/Irish rental companies!

Last month, we sent out our annual Cranes & Access UK/Ireland rental rates survey asking for your input on rates and utilisation over the past 12 months as well as your outlook for 2020.

The survey not only provides an overview of average rental rates and trends in the UK, but also gauges optimism, pessimism and market expectations. Please note, all data is absolutely confidential with the information being used to create the averages only and not recorded under a company name – in fact we are more than happy for you to complete the forms anonymously.

To download the forms, please click on the links below:
For cranes click here
For aerial work platforms click here
For telehandlers click here
The survey is completely anonymous with results only used to work out the averages

We would very much appreciate your input and support in completing and returning them to us, however, if you are unable or do not wish to input rental rates, perhaps you could give your thoughts on the market along with rate trends. Please feel free to email us on: ed@vertikal.net or tt@vertikal.net.