Breaker one nine

Spotted by a reader in Miami, Florida, a man with a platform, a ledge, a breaker and a death wish.

The man has climbed out of the platform of his boom lift and is standing on a narrow ledge which he appears to be attacking with a breaker.

Before you assume that this is a ‘two bit’ contractor on a minor project, think again it occurred on a bridge job in Southern Miami. He was apparently around 20 metres above the ground, so if that lump of concrete had given way, or his feet had slipped out from under him as he leveraged himself against the barrier behind, who knows what might have happened.
A man on a ledge using a breaker

To be fair to the man it is just possible that his harness lanyard was attached to the barrier behind? Although our correspondent says not, and if he did slip the basket might have given him some protection and something to grab onto, while that lump of concrete does look pretty substantial.

In the words of our correspondent: “A picture from south Miami today. This is why people here (and elsewhere) continue to die whilst using aerial lifts. Out of the basket on a 60’ road bridge, little traffic management no restraint and using a pressure lance. Clever! Sorry I wasn’t able to get more pics or do something about it but was just passing by.”
A slightly closer look

Definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


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