Fourth Konecrane for Rhenus

Dutch port terminal operator Rhenus Logistics has ordered a fourth Konecranes Gottwald mobile harbour crane for its terminal in Maasvlakte, Rotterdam.

The new G HMK 6507 has a maximum capacity of 125 tonnes and a maximum radius of 51 metres. It joins a second G HMK 6507 in the fleet with the two able to combine to offer a twin lift capacity of 187.5 tonnes. As well as being able to connect directly into the harbour’s mains power supply, the new crane is the first in the country to feature a 690V external power supply, which the company says will lower operating costs while also reducing noise and emissions. The crane will expand the terminal’s containers handling capacity and will be used to handle general, heavy lifting and project cargo.

Peter van der Steen, managing director of Rhenus Logistics, said: “We have been very pleased with our Konecranes equipment. When we took over this terminal some years ago, there were already two 100 tonne Konecranes Gottwald mobile harbour cranes in operation. They have been excellent, so four years ago, we bought our first 125 tonner, Model 6, a high-performance crane that gives us the flexibility to handle any kind of cargo. For this new order, we wanted something similar, but with even better energy efficiency, to correspond with the Rhenus Group’s commitment to sustainability and to our ambition in Rotterdam for further electrification.”
The new G HMK 6507 is the first in the country to feature an external power supply

Hans-Juergen Schneider, regional sales manager at Konecranes Port Solutions, added: “This is the first mobile harbour crane in the Netherlands to be delivered with an external power supply. We are excited to see the growing enthusiasm for the Konecranes ‘Powered by Ecolifting’ approach in the Benelux region. Eco-efficient solutions like this are essential to modern long-term business investment.”

Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe with the Rhenus Group operating from a number of terminals. Its Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal is situated on the Maasvlakte extension and functions as a hub between long distance cargo and short sea shipping. The new crane is scheduled for delivery in June.


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