Stepless set up for AC55/60-3

Demag is to equip its 55 tonne AC 55-3 and 60 tonne AC 60-3 three axle All Terrain cranes with its stepless variable outrigger system Flex Base.

The move follows the popularity of the feature on the company’s 45 tonne AC 45 City crane. The system allows each outrigger beam to be extended to any position, and then once the jacks are set the cranes IC-1 Plus control system monitors the actual extension of each outrigger and creates a custom load chart, which is optimal for the space available. Until now the outriggers on this model could only be set up at three, 4.5 or 6.5 metre centres.
The Demag AC55-3

In order to install the system on the cranes, the company had to modify the outrigger boxes to support the forces applied by the loaded beams throughout their length, rather than at the usual two or three permitted extension widths. It also required an upgrade to the IC-1 Plus control system software.
The new system allows the setting of each outrigger at any extension

Product marketing manager, Michael Klein, said: “We integrated the Flex Base function seamlessly into our IC-1 Plus crane control system. We keep hearing from customers who are thrilled with how intuitive and easy to use the IC-1 Plus system is, so we made absolutely sure that this would continue to be the case.”

“Moreover, the online ‘IC-1 Lift Plan’ planning tool for PCs and mobile devices supports users to prepare for lifts in advance. This tool makes it possible to determine the exact position and configuration of the crane at the work site under consideration of the load being lifted so that every crane job can be as fast and cost effective as possible.”

The IC-1 Lift Plan planning tool is available for free after registering at: www.demagmobilecranes-liftplan.com .


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