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Sinoboom reopens and donates masks

Chinese aerial lift manufacturer Sinoboom has purchased and distributed 136,000 medical grade facemasks.

The company provided the following update statement regarding the distribution and the status of its production facilities:

“Following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in China, Sinoboom was moved to assist its fellow citizens – in particular, those working within the construction and access industries.”

Sinoboom staff conducted a telephone survey to companies across the country in the access sector, to ascertain where resources should be distributed, and set about obtaining medical grade facemasks to donate for the use of the companies identified.

With the initial calls made on February 3rd, by February 7th staff had organised the delivery of 136,450 facemasks to 731 companies across China. It was very touching to receive messages of thanks and photos of the donated masks having arrived at their destination!”

“The spread of the virus has affected not only peoples’ health, but the economy of the country, Sinoboom’s aim is to help protect those working on the frontline in the construction industry, with the hope that this action will assist in the ongoing development of engineering and construction.”

“Like many manufacturing companies in China, Sinoboom itself was closed for an extended Spring Break period, but is happily now back in full operation.”
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