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Losing the load

If you think you are having a bad day just take a look at what happened to the heavy transport team at Wagenborg in Germany last weekend.

The team was transporting two 240 tonne 35 metre long vessels along a rural road that forms part of the Hümmlinger Ring around Sögel, in Lower Saxony, northern Germany. It seems that the trailer – SPMT – units strayed a little close to the edge of the road, close to a low lying waterlogged field. The police has also said there was an error with the suspension height, which one assumes it was set too high for the road conditions? The entire painful episode was captured on the video below.

The road remains closed until recovery cranes can be brought in, but that requires some major ground works first. This is the second attempt to move these vessels, last year there were protests regarding the ‘heavy pruning’ of a large number of trees along the route – the 42km between Haselünne and Dörpen.


I wonder if this load could have been transported by water rather than wheeled vehicle? This video is so detailed and reveals many intricate issues that had to be planned and monitored in the load operation.

Mar 2, 2020

I looks like the roadway banking trigger the accident
Another reason to make sure the path of traveling be mapped really well and plan the minimum / max speeds on banking roads

Feb 29, 2020
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