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A man unable to visit his mother quarantined on the third floor of a care home found a solution.

When Charley Adams of New Middletown, Ohio, was unable to visit his 80 year old mother, due to her being quarantined on the third floor of an assisted living home during the coronavirus lockdown at the facility, he came up with a novel solution.

Adams of Adams Tree Preservation decided to use his company’s truck mounted lift to visit her without breaking any of home’s rules, while maintaining a safe distance. He raised himself up to her window and chat to her face to face and give her the reassurance she needed.
visiting your mother

Speaking of the event he said: “My mother kept calling me, saying she wanted to go out to dinner. I usually take her out at least once a week, but I kept explaining to her that it was simply not possible at the moment. She was getting a bit frustrated and disappointed. So I looked for an alternative. When she saw me at her window, she was definitely surprised.”

“She said: ‘Oh, my awesome kid, what are you doing?’ She has always loved trucks, and when I was a boy, she used to take me to look at trucks, tractors and other equipment. Since I posted the story on Facebook, friends and family are all calling her up. It has been really great because all of the phone calls have really cheered her up. If this story can make somebody smile, even if it’s just for two seconds. It means we’re doing something right.”

Adams has widely adopted the use of aerial lifts in his tree work, and also owns a Teupen spider lift.


vertikal editor
That is true looks like no harness in use...and there are some other possible issues, but strange times and it is a heart warming story.

Mar 31, 2020

If the back story wasn’t known this would be up as danger post

Just saying

Mar 31, 2020
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