Parked up tyre care

Michelin has issued guidance for machines such as telehandlers that are likely to be parked up for extended periods during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Firstly it advises to fully inspect tyres before parking machines up and dealing with any cuts, bulges, tears, or abnormal wear.

Cold tyre inflation pressures should be checked and adjusted to slightly higher than standard operating pressures to minimise deflection whilst inactive, while ensuring that the manufacturer’s maximum inflation pressure is not exceeded. By doing so, tyres will be less likely to develop ‘flat spots’. All valve caps should also be installed.

Every four months a machine should be driven around the yard or site if possible – or if space is at a premium the tyres should at least be rotated a quarter turn. Then tyres checked visually for signs of under inflation.

Before any machine is put back into operation the cold tyre inflation pressures should be adjusted in line with the tyre manufacturer’s guidance.


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