Work platform fatality

A man has died 10 days after falling from an aerial work platform in Northern Germany.

The man, 62, had offered to help his neighbour, 78, paint the side of his house, in Groß Kordshagen, north east of Rostock. On April 11th, the two rented a work platform, and while the 62 year was using it to carry out work on the gable end of the building at a height of around five metres - according to a police statement - the platform ‘tilted’ throwing him out of the platform. He was airlifted to hospital with serious head injuries and sadly died on the Tuesday. We do not know what type of lift was involved or what the police meant by ‘tilted’.

An investigation is looking into exactly what happened. We will update this item if and when we learn more.


No ticket. No harness. Did not understand machine. What a pitty for every one

Apr 27, 2020
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