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200,000th XCMG crane

Chinese crane and aerial lift manufacturer XCMG (Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group) has produced its 200,000th wheeled mobile crane an 85 tonne XCT85 truck crane, which came off the line ealier this week.
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XCMG’s 200,000th wheeled mobile crane

Founded in 1943 as the Huaxing Iron Factory, the company produced its first crane - a luffing jib tower crane - in 1957, which was also heralded its first step into the construction equipment market.
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XCMG's first crane was a luffing jib tower crane

In 1963 it built China’s first five tonne truck crane, followed in 1976 by the 16 tonne QY16 which it says was the first fully hydraulic truck crane in China. In 1995 it unveiled what it claims was the largest All Terrain crane in Asia at the time - the six axle 160 tonne QAY160.
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XCMG’s first truck crane – a five tonne model

The company took 47 years to produce 100,000 mobile cranes, while the second 100,000 has taken just 10 years to produce.
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The 16 tonne QY16 truck crane

XCMG vice president, Sun Jianzhong, said: "XCMG holds many firsts. The supply of 200,000 wheeled cranes is the result of XCMG's close partnership with suppliers and dealers, with whom we thrive and make progress. We also need to thank our customers for their continuous trust and support.”
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XCMG's 160 tonne QAY160 was the largest All Terrain crane in Asia at the time

XCMG claims to be the second largest manufacturer of wheeled mobile cranes worldwide, although it provides little to no evidence to support this claim. While the company has had some success in selling its truck cranes in the developing world, it still relies on the local Chinese market for the vast majority of its crane sales, having sold large numbers of its three axle truck cranes over the past 10 years.


When I was at Con Expo 3 yrs ago, there was an XCMG crane mounted on an American truck. I went to climb in and look it over, and encountered locked doors.

When I found the booth attendant and asked to open up the crane,
I was told "No Key !".
I asked another question, same reply...."No Key !".

I guess they weren't too proud of their machine.

May 2, 2020

Dylan Cooper
The people that un liked my comment definitely work for the company mentioned in this article.

May 1, 2020

200,000 cranes built and they are still shockingly bad

Apr 30, 2020

Dylan , when one gets anything done right at first try , why change !?

Apr 30, 2020

Dylan Cooper
And after all that time there equipment is still rubbish.

Apr 30, 2020