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Unics for Danish defence

The Danish Ministry of Defence - Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) - has purchased 12 Unic URW-1006+ 10 tonne spider cranes from local distributor Lissner, with the support of European master distributor GGR/Unic Cranes Europe.

The URW-1006+ spider crane features a 23 metre six section main boom topped by a three section telescopic jib, taking the maximum tip height to 32.5 metres. In this configuration and height the crane can lift 1,000kg at a radius of 4.6 metres, while it is able to achieve its maximum radius of 24.3 metres with a lift height of 15 metres, at which it can handle 150kg. Features include a pick & carry capacity of up to 1.5 tonnes, variable outrigger configurations and radio remote controls.

The Ministry of Defence purchased the cranes to assist with the lifting and replacement of Leopard tank engines as well as for the lifting components such as gear systems, rotor blades and helicopter blade storage containers. As part of the deal, Unic Cranes Europe provided a tailored five day technical training course.
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The Danish Ministry of Defence has taken delivery of 12 Unic-1006 spider cranes

Graeme Riley of Unic Cranes Europe said: “We have been working on this project with Lissner and DALO for more three years. We will now ready to provide any further support and training along the way to ensure that our cranes prove to be an effective tool in aiding the Danish military with their work.”