Runaway truck mount

A 3.5 tonne truck mounted lift slipped down a steep cobbled street on its outriggers in Fribourg, Switzerland on Wednesday.

The platform, a Ruthmann TBR belonging the electrical utility Groupe-e, was being set up on a steep narrow street in the town centre, in order to work on street lights.

The younger member of the two man crew – aged 19 – was setting the outriggers while his colleague, 61, was sitting in the cab. The outriggers had been extended at least on one side when the machine slipped off of any mats that were being used and, according to the local police, slid 20 metres down the street. It then proceeded to strike the facades of several buildings along the way and eventually came to rest against a building, shortly before running into a small square and junction with one of the city’s larger streets.
A building eventually stopped the runaway platform - photo: Fribourg cantonale Police

Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident and the street was reopened around two hours later.
The street - Stalden - at a busier time


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