First Spierings for Kranexpressen

Danish crane rental company Kranexpressen has taken delivery of a 10 tonne Spierings SK1265-AT6 – the first Spierings self-erecting mobile tower crane in its fleet.

The six axle SK1265-AT6 can lift 1,700kg at a radius of 60 metres and a maximum height of 66.2 metres when the jib is luffed to 30 degrees. It can also take its maximum capacity to 13.2 metres. Features include a Euro 6 DAF MX-13 390 engine, a Stage V superstructure engine and a new ZF TraXon gearbox.

Kranexpressen director Lars Ebbesen, said: “The flexibility together with the capacity of this crane made it a great added value to our fleet. The cranes is always fully equipped, this means all counter weights, jib parts and steel outrigger mats are on the crane and still within the transport weight of 72 tonnes and 12 tonnes per axle. The automatic crane setup time is 11 minutes when it’s set on the outriggers, so within 30 minutes you’re always ready to operate. The 60 meter long jib and working speed of a tower crane made it a really efficient solution for many lifting jobs.”
Kranexpressen's first Spierings self-erecting mobile tower crane

Jeroen Kerkhoff, Spierings sales engineer, added: “We are proud to deliver a new Spierings SK1265-AT6 to Kranexpressen. The mobile tower crane concept is getting more and more popular in Scandinavia. People in the construction business and industry are getting more used to the advantages of our crane concept. The ‘one man’ concept and short setup time are making it really flexible and cost efficient for the crane hire companies.”

Based in Hedehusene, outside of Copenhagen, Kranexpressen operates a fleet of All Terrain and loader cranes with capacities ranging from 10 to 200 tonnes.


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