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AC 45 for Daru Unio

Hungarian crane rental company Daru Unio has taken delivery of a 45 tonne Demag AC 45 City crane.

The AC 45 has a 31.2 metre main boom while a 7.1 to 13 metre bi-fold swingaway extension takes the maximum tip height to over 46 metres and can be offset by up to 30 degrees. The crane’s IC-1 Plus control system also monitors the outrigger set up and slew position to calculate a specific load chart for that precise position. The maximum outrigger spread is 6.2 metres.

Daru Unio co-owner, Zsolt Csepregi, said: “Our focus is on indoor projects, and the Demag AC 45 City is simply the best machine out there for that specific type of job. We love our Demag cranes, and our extensive experience with them means that we are able to take full advantage of their capabilities.”
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(L-R) Zsolt Csepregi of Daru Unio with Lajos Patko of Pannon-Technika, Andreas Schramm of Tadano Demag and Kristian Körmendi of Daru Unio

Based in Győrújbarát, located in the north west of Hungary, Daru Unio operates a fleet of mobile cranes which includes five Demag cranes topped by a 250 tonne AC250.


The wheels rotate in the same direction, the faces closest to each other go in the opposite directions. One goes up, one goes down. This won't wedge anything in.

May 30, 2020

Andy S.
The rear wheels are locked round, it’s just the angle of the wheels that make them look too close.

May 29, 2020

When I look at the crane I notice the gap between the rear tyres . If anything got wedges in there could you imagine the damage it would cause

May 29, 2020
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