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Watch the riser

Spotted in London by the same reader on two separate days a couple of weeks back, two examples of an 80ft JLG 800AJ - which was possibly too big a machine for either job - working with the boom and riser/lower boom retracted and at low angles in order to reach the work.
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The first example

It looks as though the riser knuckle is already protruding into the street, beyond the site fence at a height where it could be swiped by a passing truck. If the operator – engrossed with this work - were to slew the machine even slightly the knuckle of the articulated boom would be well out into the traffic and highly vulnerable.

If clipped by a passing vehicle the operator and co-worker would probably be shaken up, bruised and OK, so long as they were properly harnessed in with short lanyards. Although the driver of the vehicle might not be quite so lucky.
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Job two

One positive thing to take away is that in both cases those in the platform are wearing fully body harnesses, hopefully with the right lanyards clipped on. Perhaps a smaller 60ft or straight telescopic boom lift would have been better, or maybe an articulated boom with dual risers? The 800AJ is a great machine but does not get true zero tailswing unto around 15 metres platform height.
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A closer look

Still as far as we know nothing untoward happened in either case – this time – but definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.


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