25t Valla for Werent

Italian access, crane and telehandler sales and rental company Werent has taken delivery of a 25 tonne Valla 250 E electric pick & carry crane.

The 250 E features a four section 14 metre main boom and can handle 1.9 tonne at its maximum radius of just under 10 metres. It is also able to pick & carry its maximum capacity at a radius of 1.5 metres. Features include radio remote control and a forklift attachment which halves the lift capacities when in use.

Werent chief executive Michele Marraffa, said: “The Valla 250 E provides us with the necessary flexibility to work indoors, it is also the perfect unit for those jobs where space is really tight and zero emissions are a must. As far as I am concerned, there is no other brand with that level of quality and performances.”
Werent's new 25 tonne Valla 250 E pick & carry crane

Manitex Valla general manager, Carlo Forini, added: “The Valla 250 E that we delivered to Werent joins other Valla cranes in its fleet, we are happy to continue the partnership with them and evolving our product portfolio by tailoring it to our customer’s needs.”
The Valla 250 E has been ordered with a forklift attachment

Founded in 1996 in southern Italy, Werent specialises in the sale and rental of aerial work platforms, telehandlers, cranes and construction equipment. In 2016 it opened a location in Venice extending its coverage to northern Italy and has since added a further outlet in Ravenna, which joins its southern locations in Martina Franca, Bari and Taranto.


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