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XCMG launches 750t AT

Chinese manufacturer XCMG has launched and delivered the 750 tonne XCA750 eight axle All Terrain crane designed specifically for wind turbine repair and maintenance work.

The new crane features a seven section 92 metre main boom, topped by a heavy duty hydraulically erected wind turbine extension, which takes the maximum hook height to 115 metres at which it can handle up to 62 tonnes. The extension, which stows on top of the main boom, takes 25 minutes to erect. Capacity on the fully extended main boom is 107 tonnes. A “Y- Shaped super lift” attachment adds to long boom and jib capacities.
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The first 750 tonne XCMG XCA750 to come off the production line

Six of the crane’s eight axles are driven, while a new high load single wishbone independent suspension system offers up to 560mm of ground clearance and can handle axle loads of up to 30 tonnes, while gradeability is 30 percent, all of which is aimed at helping the crane cope with the “farm tracks” and mountain passes, seen on most Chinese wind farms.
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The heavy duty extension stows on board

A key application for the new crane is changing out or upgrading the turbine blades, and in particular the overhaul of 1.5 to 2.5MW, turbines up to 120 metres.
China has been expanding the number of wind turbines in the country at an annual compound rate of 32 percent and the company claims that as of the end of 2019 there were around 150,000 units installed in China with a further 28,000 scheduled. It believes that wind power maintenance is entering a period of rapid development, with a current requirement for significant work to be required on up to 5,000 units a year.
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The first XCA750 was handed over to Shanghai Yuchuang Heavy Equipment Installation Company in a damp ceremony held at the XCMG plant in Xuzhou

Zhang Hanxu, the deputy general manager of XCMG’s lifting equipment business unit said: "Paying attention to customer experience and helping customers succeed has always been XCMG's unremitting pursuit. XCA750 is a new product that has arisen from us actively listening to the opinions of experts in all aspects and closely follows the development trend of wind power at home and abroad.”


Some poor sods going to have to operate that.

Jul 14, 2020
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