New crane cab from Elliott

US based crane and truck mounted platform manufacturer Elliott Equipment has unveiled an all new crane cab and controls.

The new cab has been designed for improved operator comfort, productivity and visibility, it is available now on all Elliott cranes of 30 tons capacity or higher.
The new Elliot cab for crane sup to 30 tons capacity

Features include up to 20 degrees of cab tilt and a wider flat polycarbonate windscreen, said to provide a low distortion unobstructed view, as well as provide a low cost readily available replacement.

New DynaSmooth hydraulic controls have also been added as well as a bluetooth enabled remote access diagnostic system, providing feedback on operating conditions and troubleshooting. Camera ready control screen re also available to provide views of the winch, boom tip and rear of the crane. Additional features include a WIKA Mobile Control qSCALE Load Moment Indicator, in cab outrigger controls and positioning screen, full climate control and a full Kicker stereo system.
The new control system includes twin screens

Product manager Dave Cheleen said: “We have worked closely with our customers and distributors to deliver a state of the art design. The cab addresses their needs of an environment that is comfortable and easy to work in. They particularly like the visibility, control smoothness and the straightforward LMI and touchscreen operation. They also appreciate the uptime and lower operating costs afforded by the cab’s remote Bluetooth diagnostics and troubleshooting capability as well as the off the shelf windshield glass.”


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