Crane downs power lines

An All Terrain crane working at the Meerhof wind farm in Marsberg, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany came into contact with a 100,000 volt power line on Saturday causing all manner of disruption.

The crane, a five axle Grove from the Neeb fleet, was on site to assist with the erection of a new turbine, when it appears to have been traveling into position with the retracted boom elevated. Unfortunately the boom caught up in the power lines, ripping one out and severely damaging two others. As the power ran to earth it exploded several tyres before causing a major power outage.

The crane operator remained in his cab and was uninjured. A crew from Manitowoc Crane Care arrived on the scene and helped lower the boom and check the crane over while new wheels and tyres were fitted. Other than that, the crane appears to have escaped remarkably undamaged. According to the local police however the damage to the power lines could be as much as €500,000.
The boom is lowered, outriggers set, as wheels and tyres are replaced


Tmayes, not quite as shocking since the operator wasn't electrocuted. Unfortunately, the crane suffered tire blowouts from shunting 100k volts to ground.

Jul 23, 2020


Jul 22, 2020

They were lucky that more damage was not caused.

Jul 22, 2020
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