27.5m hybrid scissors for Special Equipment

Netherlands based Special Equipment, the re-rent division of Mateco, has added several 84ft Holland Lift HL-275 H25 to its fleet. The new machines offer a working height of up to 27.5 metres with 1,000kg platform capacity and up to four people in the platform.

The HL-275 H25 has a 2.1 metre hydraulic deck extension, offering an extended platform of 8.25 metres long by 2.35 metres wide. Overall weight is just under 25 tonnes and it can drive at full height. The latest acquisition comes in response to greater demand for emission-free or hybrid models.
The Holland Lift HL-275 H25

Mateco Netherland’s managing director, Andries Schouten, said: "there is a strategic trend taken by the company to move towards cleaner, more environmentally friendly equipment. The current breakdown of the Special Equipment fleet is split engines is 50 percent electric or hybrid and 50 percent diesel. The objective is to reach a ratio of 60/40 in favour of electric or hybrid by the end of this year. Today's performance of electric powered equipment is pretty much in line with the equivalent diesel models and it often allows indoor and outdoor uses. There is a clear benefit of investing in cleanest equipment today.”


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