Skyjack adds features to new slab scissors

Skyjack has announced two new features for the new DC slab electric scissor lifts it unveiled earlier this year with the Ecotray leak containment system and RapidFold easy folding guardrail, both which will come as standard on the ANSI version of its SJ3219. It has also launched its 'We Rise' programme to encourage the sharing of Covid-19 actions and initiatives.

The Ecotray system, which will be available on all Skyjack slab electric scissor lifts, aims to prevent potential leaks from a machine’s hydraulic system from dripping onto floors causing contamination, while removing the need for cumbersome, unsightly ‘diapers’ on a machine.

It is available as a factory fitted or retrofit option on both ANSI and CE machines. It uses strategically placed catchment trays that contain absorbent pads, which can be quickly and easily changed. The company says that the field retrofit kit can be fitted within 10 minutes and has been designed to be installed without the need for tools. It includes drip trays for the brake cylinder, each hydraulic drive motor, the steering cylinder, the pump and valves and the main chassis plate in case the lift cylinder should leak.
The various Ecotray drip trays and pads

Changing the absorbent pads is said to be very easy, taking “mere seconds”, with replacement pads available directly from Skyjack. And of course you only need to change them if you get a leak. An Ecotray decal shows that a particular machine is fitted with the system.

The following video shows the detail:

Skyjack's ECOTRAY from Skyjack Inc on Vimeo.

Product manager Kris Schmidt said: “The idea of the so called diaper has been around for some time. However, they have proven cumbersome to employ and restrict key lift functionality, so we looked at something different. The system is protected from jobsite debris damage, forklift handling and other influences that can hinder leak containment. Unlike other systems that focus on the main hydraulic tray, Ecotray also protects against leaks from drive motors and steering cylinders.”

RapidFold guardrails
Skyjack also announced new easy folding guardrails for the ANSI version of its new SJ3219. Dubbed RapidFold, they incorporate four quick release pins at the front of the machine that allow the top section of the guardrails to fold down in a parallelogram manner, reducing the overall height of the stowed machine to well under two metres. Once through the doorway, the rails can just as easily be raised back to the new ANSI 1.1 metre guardrail height. The feature will be standard equipment on the ANSI machines but does not comply with CE.
The guardrails fold quickly and easily to pass through doorways

Product manager Kris Schmidt said: “Rapidfold is both quick and easy to use, but more importantly it means that we have not had to employ expensive systems that would have impacted customers at a price level and led to compromises in other performance areas. The Skyjack SJ3219 is the lightest scissor lift on the market that is wind rated to full height for one person, while maintaining a two person no wind rating, and is capable of going through a standard door.”

Skyjack's RAPIDFOLD from Skyjack Inc on Vimeo.

We Rise
Finally, the company also announced today a new global campaign that it says builds on its core values and the steps the rental industry has taken to become stronger, and more connected with communities and employees during the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath.

"We rise by lifting others"
Skyjack has adopted a quotation attributed to the 19th century writer and orator, Robert R Ingersoll: “We rise by lifting others”

Skyjack president Ken McDougall said: “Skyjack has a longstanding reputation for being easy to do business with. In the past few months, we have seen how Covid-19 and other social issues have changed the way our customers and we see the world. These have been serious and worrying times. However, out of adversity comes strength. We aim to support the rental industry during the good times and the bad and we have been heartened by the positive attitude of the rental industry. As we say at Skyjack: ‘Tough times don’t last, but tough teams do’. This is true of Skyjack, but importantly it is clearly evidenced in the rental industry as a whole.”

"We aim to recognise that positivity and want to highlight the steps people are taking to get back to growth. We encourage rental companies around the world to share their stories regarding actions such as Community donations and help, Customer care and protection, Staff care and protection and New approaches and practices for the ‘new normal’. In return for sharing your stories, you will be entered into a draw for a free SJ3219 or its cash equivalent to be donated to a charity of your choice, the winner will be revealed at the ARA show in February. In addition to the main draw, each entry will receive a Skyjack thank you gift."

Stories can be submitted via the following link: www.skyjack.com/we-rise


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