6t Klass for Coppard

UK rental company Coppard Plant Hire has taken delivery of a six tonne Klaas K1003RSX aluminium truck crane from dealer Kranlyft UK.

Mounted on a three axle Volvo FMX 420 chassis with sleep cab, Coppard has opted for a right hand drive version rather than the usual left hand drive.

The K1003RSX features a four section 31 metre main boom, topped by a four section 18.5 metre jib/upper boom for a maximum tip height of 52.7 metres. It can handle 1,000kg at a radius of 30 metres with a height of 28.5 metres, or taker 350kg out to a maximum radius of 44 metres with a height of 23 metres, or to a maximum height of 49 metres with a radius of 15 metres.
Coppard is one of the few UK companies to specify a right hand drive chassis

The crane has also been supplied with the optional searcher hook and access platform, which provides a working height of 50.5 metres and a maximum platform capacity of 450kg. Additional features include self-levelling outriggers, remote control and memory function with slew restriction.
the K1003RSX is ideal for jobs with axle load or space restrictions

Established in 1972, Coppard employs 80 through four locations in Crowborough, Godstone, Brighton and Melksham, all in southern England. The company’s fleet includes spider cranes, pick & carry cranes, crawler cranes and self-erecting tower cranes, as well as glass handling equipment.


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