60T Demag for arborist

US tree care company Dennis Tree Service has taken delivery of a new Demag AC60-3 from local dealer Empire Crane.

Based in Sudbury, Massachusetts - due west of Boston - Dennis Tree has always used boom trucks for challenging tree removal work. It decided to switch to the three axle 60 tonne All Terrain, which offers a six section 50 metre main boom, topped by 9.1 to 16 metre bi-fold swingaway extension with up to 40 degrees of offset. Maximum tip height is just over 68 metres, at which point it can handle up to 2.2 tonnes. The crane has an overall length of 11.67 metres, and an overall width of 2.55 metres. Maximum counterweight is 12.1 tonnes, while the outriggers have three positions from three extension positions from three metres to 4.5 and 6.5 metre centres.
The new Demag AC60-3

Owner and chief executive Denilson Roque said: “I made a big change in purchasing the new Demag AC60-3 All Terrain crane from Empire Crane. I can park the AC60 in one spot and do everything around me. It’s more precise, has higher capacity, and more reach.”

The crane’s first job was to remove 16 pine trees from a residential area. They involved individual lifts/cuts of 3.2 and 4.5 tonnes, which were carried out on a single line. The 6,800kg line pull on the AC60-3 is more than double that of the boom trucks Dennis Tree is used to using. The new crane also features a tilting cab, Mercedes power, a boom nose mounted load monitoring camera and the IC-1 Plus control system.
The new Demag AC60-3 in action

Justin Melvin of Empire Crane said: “The Demag AC60-3 is the industry leader for capacity and boom length in its class. It’s compact and will be fast and easy for the crew to setup on each job location.”


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