Seven Hiabs for JT Dove

UK builders merchant JT Dove has taken delivery of seven Hiab X HiDuo 158 loader cranes for its new location in South Shields.

Mounted on three axle Mercedes chassis, the cranes have a maximum load moment of 15.3 tonne/metres and up to 15.1 metres of reach. The cranes include a full remote control system that allows simultaneous multifunction operation and a brick grab attachment.

JT Dove’s operations manager, Chris Pearson said: “Hiab has seven service engineers in our region in comparison to the competitor who only has three. The number of engineers on the road makes a big difference to us, we are more reliable and able to provide a better quality service to our customers. The Hiab X HiDuo 158 also has an excellent stability system. We do a lot of deliveries round back lanes and in rural areas, which can be challenging with such a heavy load, but that extra few millimetres gives us extra carrying capacity for the lift.”
JT Dove has taken delivery of seven Hiab X HiDuo 158 loader cranes

Hiab UK managing director, Ian Mitchell, added: “One of the biggest strengths we have in the UK and Ireland is our network coverage. We have access to 150 highly trained field engineers in the UK giving us an edge over the competition.”

JT Dove operates from 19 locations across north east England.


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